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Sunny Paws Rescue, Inc. is always in need of volunteers who are willing to give their time and talent to helping dogs in need.  There are various opportunities available, including:

- Foster a dog or puppy (complete a foster application).

- Help process applications and make reference calls.

- Help with transport of dogs and puppies.

- Help with fundraising events.

Volunteer Agreement

Sunny Paws Rescue volunteers acknowledge that their services are provided strictly in a voluntary capacity without any express or implied salary, compensation, or other payment of any kind.  Volunteer services are furnished without any employment benefits. 

​Volunteers agree to familiarize themselves with Sunny Paws Rescue's policies and procedures and understands that the rescue has high moral and ethical standards.

Volunteers understand that Sunny Paws Rescue may terminate services with the volunteer at any time (with or without reason).

Volunteers acknowledge they have never been charged with animal cruelty and are not, and have never been, an animal dealer or broker.


Volunteers agree and understand that that if something goes wrong while working with Sunny Paws Rescue (i.e. dog bite or illness to a person or a dog), the volunteer will not make any claims against Sunny Paws Rescue.  

Volunteers acknowledge and understand that the dogs involved in rescue may be untrained or unhealthy, and that Sunny Paws Rescue makes no representations whatsoever regarding the dog’s temperament or health. 

Contact us if you wish to volunteer for Sunny Paws Rescue!

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