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About Us

Sunny Paws Rescue is a 501c3, volunteer based organization. 

We strive to find loving homes for homeless & abandoned puppies & dogs.  Most of our puppies and dogs come from Texas. 

We are a fully licensed organization and have a license to transport and adopt in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Please review our terms and conditions for more information.


Testimonial from Tessa Hennigan, Flair 4 Fur Critter Care, Sinton, TX

"My name is Tessa Hennigan, I run a pet boarding, grooming & training business in south Texas as well as a pet preservation service for clients who wish to keep a beloved pet forever. I am certified in pet styling/hygiene, salon sanitation, puppy handling & development, & canine training, am a former veterinary technician, & have taken classes in pet nutrition, pet physical therapy, & animal behavior & psychology. 

I have been working with Toni since 2021 and having nothing but great experiences with her.  Together, we have currently saved over 50 dogs and puppies over the past several months. 

Toni has a heart of gold & a passion for saving animals that is admirable. She is organized, meticulous, & does things the right way.  She strives for the best care, finding the best adopters and for the best experiences for new adopters & dogs alike. Toni makes sure the dogs and puppies in foster have all they need and that fosters aren’t ever concerned about having to cover expenses unless they choose to. Dogs do not leave Texas without all required medical clearances, vaccines, deworming, microchipping, and veterinary exams. They are transported in luxury, aboard a professional transport vehicle custom designed for the safe and pleasant transport of pets and is owned and operated by a company specializing in animal transport. They are devoted to the well being and safe arrival of the animals on board.

I have had negative experiences with fostering animals for other rescues, but never a problem with Sunny Paws.  Toni goes above and beyond, even sending tokens of appreciation like flowers, a shirt with the rescues logo and handwritten thank you notes.  She always stays in touch about the progress, growth & any issues with any of the animals in my care.

Toni has become a fast friend, despite never having met her in person.  She has the kindest disposition and is also professional.  I 100% back this rescue & Toni.  She is doing and will do a lot of good for the sad situation Texas has with an abundance of pets & strays.  If you’ve never been to Texas and seen it first hand, you simply can’t fathom the horrors here. Toni cares so much about these animals, even though she’s never met them in person until they arrive up north. She’s truly a good human & I sincerely hope people will rally behind her & Sunny Paws so that she can continue the life changing work she’s doing here for so many animals. Sunny Paws often does fundraiser events, they accept donations of goods, monetary donations and fosters are always needed.  Of course, adopters are needed too.  Please help support Sunny Paws Rescue!"

- Tessa Hennigan, Flair 4 Fur Critter Care, Sinton, TX

Sunny Paws Rescue is a 2022 Athletes for Animals Grant Recipient.  David and Kelly Backes, founders of Athletes for Animals, have a passion for supporting a variety of animal welfare initiatives and philanthropic endeavors.  Over the years, they have devoted their time to dozens of animal shelters and rescues, visited some of the nation's most dire puppy mills, and helped find homes for a few special dogs from Sochi, Russia during the 2014 Olympic Games. Following years of volunteering at the local humane society in college, their dedication to animals was amplified when they first fostered and later adopted Rodney, a severely abused and neglected dog from Stray Rescue of St. Louis.  The couple helped rehabilitate him and say he is their inspiration for the start of their efforts.  Now, after 15 years in the professional sports world, they know the importance of awareness and education when it comes to helping out those in need.

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